About Cabo Event Planner


At Cabo Events Planner, we help manage your big ideas and your smallest concerns to ensure you are stress-free, and enjoying every moment. For years, we’ve been working with clients (friends and family) to create exceptional experiences for their day, nonprofit or social gatherings. We are driven by personal experiences and the love of collaboration with our clients. It is our goal to leave you and your guests with an event/party that exceeds your expectations and lasts in your memories forever.

Our team consists of passionate professionals from multiple backgrounds, cultures, age groups, orientations, and walks of life. They include designers, producers, wedding floral designers, DJ wedding planners, private chefs for dinner parties, and personal chef party production, supportive staff. These creative visionaries and craft masters provide stunning, innovative effects, lighting, and decor that integrate seamlessly no matter the event or its location.

We are masters at creating a wow moment when planning any event.

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